Saturday , January 21 2017

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Tips for Giving Yourself a Male Make-Over

Male Make-Over

Let’s face it. There are times when even the best of us could do with an overhaul. You do it for your car, so why would you not do it for yourself? What follows is a basic outline of the steps necessary to do it yourself, on the cheap and at …

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How To Get Started with Muscle Building


If you had to choose between being skinny or overweight, which would you select? Most people would probably choose to be thin and bony versus fat and doughy. But being thin can have its own share of challenges for people trying to build muscle. How can skinny people develop solid, …

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The Most Popular Men’s Fashion Trends for 2016


Going through men’s fashion blogs and fashion shows can be intimidating as there seems to be so many styles to choose from. But a closer inspection will show that there are actually some trends that will last throughout 2016. If you’re eager to revamp your wardrobe, here’s a quick guide. …

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A Guide to Buying the Latest Menswear Online


Unless you want to look “ancient,” it’s essential you know the latest menswear trends. Your goal should not only be to feel comfortable with what you wear but also to impress. If you’re in the process of upgrading your wardrobe and eager to make an impression, here are some ideas …

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Best Hottest Trends in Menswear Fashion


The trend in menswear is innovation, individuality and bold new styles, combining the old with the new, the classic with the contemporary. Summer and spring collections for men rely heavily on bright shades of blues and summer colours, with wild burnt orange figuring prominently on the catwalk. While blue is …

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Definitive Guide to Hottest Styles in Men’s Clothing


Men’s clothing style today still follows popular concepts from 2015, such as the paisley colour palettes, floral prints, and the use of solid primary colours while toning down bright hues, with grey becoming a mainstay among top designers’ palettes. Navy blue was huge in 2015, but in 2016 lighter blues …

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